Ginger Armor

2-in-1 Sunscreen & Moisturizer (250+ applications!/bottle)

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You’re 3 Sprays Away From a Glowing Face

Protect sensitive skin with 100% mineral and plant-based spray.

We don’t mean to toot our horn, but…

*Toot-toot, beep-beep*!

Here's why Ginger Armor is perfect for your skin:

✔️ Designed for peeps with sensitive skin: Understanding what you are putting on your face is important. Ginger Armor is tailor-made for anyone with sensitive skin, so you won’t experience any breakouts, redness or inflammation. It's even Safe for Babies!

✔️ Made of simple ingredients you can trust: Made from 100% mineral, plant-based, and cruelty-free components that refresh your skin and make you look and feel healthy.

✔️ Kind to our planet: Packaged inside 100% eco-friendly and recyclable aluminum bottles that also keep the ingredients fresh for a breezy experience.

✔️ A skin-vestment that makes you look younger: Roll back the years and enjoy a younger, more supple face with our anti-aging formula that makes you feel more confident.

✔️ Lightweight Texture: You can’t see it, smell it, or feel any stiffness while the magic is being done behind the scenes of your skin layers.

✔️ A little SPF a day keeps the wrinkles away: Armor your face against any future wrinkle attack with SPF 50+

✔️ One bottle, multiple benefits: Ginger Armor is a travel safe, moisturizer, aftershave, SPF 50+ & lip balm.

✔️ Proudly made in California: Every bottle is made with love and ships from our warehouse in California. Each purchase supports our small ginger-owned business.

✔️ Last but not least: we wanna make something very clear: Your Skin!

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Ashley M. (Saint Paul, US)
10/10 for this spf for sensitive skin!

I am extremely particular about the ingredients in my skincare. I don’t have words to tell you how excited I was to purchase this eco-conscious brand!! I LOVE that it’s plant-based and that it packs argon oil and squalene in with spf 50 😎 Thank you creating a 2-in-1 moisturizer that doesn’t smell or leave a weird white film on my face! I’m. So. Grateful!! 👩🏻‍🦰

Zann (Herriman, US)
Gives my skin a dewy fresh look!

I can't say enough great things about Ginger Armor! Love how it glides on my skin and leaves it moisturized and protected! If you're on the fence about it - don't be, get some!!!

Bladon Moriarty (Croydon, GB)

I am blown away by the quality and design of this product. I have been using now for a couple of weeks as a daily moisturiser and my skin feels softer, looks clearer and I know I don’t have to worry about sun damage throughout my day. The size of packaging is super convenient - allowing you to take in cabin bags for short-haul destinations. I have a fully booked Summer of holidays and I just know Ginger Armor is going to be by my side for every single one ✌🏼

Ashe Blackwell (San Francisco, US)
Never switching sunscreens again

Ginger Armor is my favorite skincare product. That sentence ends in a period. It means period, and implies no further explanation needed, but since you insist I’ll tell you why!

Ginger Armor is the most thoughtfully formulated sunscreen on the market. It’s lightweight, doesn’t leave any white marks or oily residues on my face, and probably best of all has allowed me to replace certain steps in my skincare routine! I used to take a couple of drops of Argan oil and vitamin E and spread them on my face. Thanks to GA I no longer waste my time doing extra steps or buying extra product (more space in my bathroom!).

I also appreciate that it’s housed in aluminum. More recycling centers are equipped to process aluminum than the plastic bottles most other sunscreens come in. This also allows me to keep a bottle in my car without worrying about the container melting or leaching plastic chemicals into my sunscreen (and then onto my face!). I use it before I leave the house, but keep one in my car to reapply when surfing or hiking, especially for friends who forget to apply.

I also love that it doesn’t contain a fragrance! It has a pleasant nutty scent that dissipates once applied, so it never clashes with my cologne.

Take it from someone who is probably too proud of the fact that most people think he’s still in his twenties because of his skin: Ginger Armor is the be-all end-all of sunscreens, and deservedly so.

Scott McMahan (Daly City, US)

This product is amazing! Truly a great moisturizer and powerful sunscreen in one. And the best part!? It really does rub in clear no white marks or patches. Will definitely be making this apart of my daily routine :)

I'm so happy you like it and are making it apart of your daily routine Scott!