What Gingers (and others) Are Saying

“I love that it’s all natural! My other stuff had a ton of chemicals I still don’t know what they are”           -Sharon R.

“The fact that it’s a face SPF & moisturizer and works on your lips and as after shave makes me feel like I’m getting 4 products in 1”                         -James T.

“This rubs in completely & faster than any other zinc sunscreen I’ve used”                                         -Tamia J.

“This is a gingers and anyone with sensitive skins best friend for skincare”                                           -Jake B.

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Ginger Armor
Rickey (Great Falls, US)

My boss, who employee a large proportion of red heads, bought Ginger Armor for all of us this summer and it was life changing for me (a very pale redhead). I personally despise other sunscreens on the market because of the potent smell, it burns my skin, and it's all greasy. Ginger Armor is none of these things, it is scentless, it doesn't burn your skin or face, and it goes on easy with zero greasiness. I can't say enough how life changing this was for me, I will never wear another sunscreen again. I WILL ONLY USE GINGER ARMOR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. It's the most amazing sunscreen on the market and I would leave a 100 star review if I could. Thank you, Ginger Armor, for creating this product and for keeping us redheads safe!

Ginger Armor
A.B. (Burlington, US)
Very innovative. My skin lives for this

One of my friends have been using this product and I got tired of using hers and decided to get my own. I use a lot of skincare products but this one is pleasantly unique.

First off, I love how it applies on the skin. I have oily skin and this product was not greasy or sticky on my face as other moisturisers I’ve tried. The ones I used in the past added another layer of oiliness to my face which was very noticeable.

The sunscreen element is the icing on the cake, I highly recommend this.