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Love this multi-purpose SPF

This is so easy to use and take on the go. The mist is super fine and non sticky. My skin was left feeling hydrated and protected. I really like that this is locally made in California and designed for sensitive skin. Can also be used as a lip balm!

Protects my watercolor tattoos!

I was constantly looking for a sunscreen that I could use daily to protect the coloring in my tattoos without causing acne issues. I’m so glad I found this stuff!

Lather on armor

The name doesn’t lie. This sunscreen does wonders protecting for those long days In the sun. After taking a look at most sunscreens’ ingredients, it was evident how many useless chemicals are added as filler. This sunscreen is the real deal for eco friendly and body safe ingredients. Do yourself a favor and get a supply that goes the distance. ✌️


I am blown away by the quality and design of this product. I have been using now for a couple of weeks as a daily moisturiser and my skin feels softer, looks clearer and I know I don’t have to worry about sun damage throughout my day. The size of packaging is super convenient - allowing you to take in cabin bags for short-haul destinations. I have a fully booked Summer of holidays and I just know Ginger Armor is going to be by my side for every single one ✌🏼

My fav

This has to go down as my fav sunscreen I have used. Love everything about it! Definitely recommending this to everyone.

Best Sunscreen/moisturizer

I am a ginger who works on and around the water so I am always wearing sunscreen, and I can honestly say that this has been the best sunscreen that I have used. It easily rubs in completely and doesn’t leave any white residual like other mineral sunscreens. I use it every morning and I have noticed my skin feeling and looking healthier. Pores look smaller and and I have had fewer breakouts. I have been using the bottle almost daily for months and it still feels full! I have been recommending it to all of my friends and family. I take this with me everywhere!

Phenomenal Sunscreen That Lasts!

This is THE sunscreen for anyone who frequently finds themselves burnt, or using gigantic tubes of sunblock. Ginger armor packs all the power I need in a small container that you only need a few pumps for to cover your whole body. It smells great, and when you put it on it starts with an initial purple sheen that disappears as it dries so you know you haven’t missed a spot. Do yourself a favor and pick up a can that’ll last you months!

I ain’t even ginger

And I love it! I Fell asleep at the beach and didn’t burn thanks for this impenetrable armor!

Great product with easy spray application + white color helps identify areas where you might have missed. I especially enjoy how lightweight it feels on the skin.

Incredible product

Love this product for so many reasons. Goes well on skin and easy to apply. Bottle lasts forever. And it of course works! Will be buying again and again!

Best Moisturizer with Mineral Sunscreen on the Market

I’ve tried just about every single face product with mineral sunscreen out there, but I’ve never been able to find one that 1) moisturizes, 2) doesn’t make me break out, and 3) rubs in clear. I’m so happy I found Ginger Armor! I wear it every day knowing that my sensitive skin is being moisturized and protected. Also, I love that it’s locally sourced and sustainable from cradle to grave 💚

The best sunscreen out there

After searching for years for a good, natural, mineral sunscreen with no carcinogens…. I finally found the best thing out there. This sunscreen feels like nothing once you put it on. And you can leave it on all day without feeling it. Plus it’s moisturizing and makes your skin feel great. And application is SOOOOO easy. Plus it lasts forever, such a good deal!

Using sunscreen daily and loving it for the first time in my life! Thank you Ginger Armor! ❤️

Ginger Armor Reef and Face Excellent Sunscreen moisturizer.

Ginger Me has used sunscreen for decades; after a months use in the Sun Ginger Armor is exceptional!
Silky/ultra-light fragrance free and amazingly easy to apply glides on, no sticky blobs of sunscreen it protects and moisturizes.

Highly recommend this product formulation for those who take care of their skin.
Ginger Armor is now my #1 Face Moisturizer UVA/UVB protection daily Essential.

Not Just For Gingers!

It goes on easy. It’s good for the planet. Definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something better than the norm. I use this every day!

Thank you Evan! I'm glad you like it and are using it every day!

Finally found SPF I can get behind!

Honestly, I've been looking for years for a product that is high quality and non-toxic that doesn't go on like wall paint. This stuff rubs right in and has kept my skin super healthy even as I've spent much of my summer on the beach. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Thank you for your review Carter and I'm glad you love Ginger Armor!


This product is amazing! Truly a great moisturizer and powerful sunscreen in one. And the best part!? It really does rub in clear no white marks or patches. Will definitely be making this apart of my daily routine :)

I'm so happy you like it and are making it apart of your daily routine Scott!

Easily the Best Sunscreen

No smell, no grease or tacky coating, and easy to see where you or a friend applies it before rubbing in clear. Ideal for anyone.

Best ginger shield 🛡 you can ask for.

Thank you for your review Zach!

Safe, clean and long-lasting

Never leave home without your keys, wallet and Ginger Armor!!

Thank you for your review Cory!

Great Sunscreen

I really like the twist design of the sunscreen and it has a nice neutral scent. I've worked out with it on and it didn't burn my eyes at all. I've never tried a spray face sunscreen before. It truly does go on invisible. I burn super easily so I may be a bit paranoid that I missed some spots with this since I truly can't see it on my skin, but I can also see how some people would really love this feature. So far it has worked very well.


Light scented and sprays nicely. Feels good on, goes on light and dries quickly. Does moisturized and protect skin without looking cakey. This plant based, spf 50 sunscreen is a perfect travel essential. Love how glowy makes my skin look!

Works great!

I have very sensitive skin that burns easily and is acne prone. You can’t feel the product after you put it on and protected me all day while I was in the sun. Definitely will but again.

Best sunscreen ever

This is without a doubt the best sunscreen I have ever used. It's so easy to apply and works so well!

It's a great product

I really like this product. It doesn't leave any gross residue, it has a pleasant smell (almost like walnut oil although I think is just by nature of the ingredients mixing) it travels well too! I've been training for AIDS Lifecycle and it's kept me protected and burn free for the last few months.

Amazing Product, MUST BUY!

This product is absolutely amazing! I’ve been using it for months now, I highly recommend it. Whether hiking, swimming or running this product goes on smoothly and isn’t sticky. It felt like it hydrated my skin and doesn’t leave that horrible sunscreen smell that most products you find on the market do. I highly recommend this product to all my friends and family!

Love this product

I just started to try this sunscreen. I Love it. Three things make it important to me. 1. My face does not break out like it does with some sunscreens. 2. It does not leave a white film which gets on my clothing. 3. It works. I have been outside these last few days and have not gotten burned (which I do quite easily).