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What Gingers (and others) Are Saying

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Love, love, love

Bought this mostly for my wife who has fair skin and rosacea but of course I had to try it out too. She wears it every time she goes out into the sun and loves it. We love that it isn't greasy for a moisturizer with SPF; one spritz is all you need. No white cast or sticky/oily feeling left on your skin. Definitely will continue to purchase this item. 10/10.

Best Natural SPF I Know

It goes on fast and easy, and I can’t tell that I put something on my face = things I’ve never said about non-toxic, mineral SPF products until this product. You should try it. Oh, and it doesn’t make me look like a zombie either.

Best sunscreen and moisturizer ever

I just ordered another two bottles of this. I’ve been using it for months and it’s amazing! Even with all of the swimming, scuba diving, and rock climbing that I do, one bottle has lasted months.

Despite hours in the sun, I have yet to get even the slightest burn, and it rubs in nicely without leaving any sort of greasy film. I would 100% recommend it for anyone.

Great sunscreen.

Love this product. Used it all summer. Cool packaging, easy to use and feels great on.

My fav

This has to go down as my fav sunscreen I have used. Love everything about it! Definitely recommending this to everyone.

Works Great!

Lasts me all day!

Love this

This is the best natural sunscreen I’ve ever used.

No Burns!

Great product! I barely felt it when it was on, and unlike other sunscreens, it wasn’t sticky. A word of advice, you don’t need as much as regular sunscreen, so be somewhat stingy when you spray and it will last longer.

New Fav Sunscreen

I’m an environmentalist with sensitive acne-prone skin, and this sunscreen is it. It doesn’t make me break out, it goes on light and the coverage is great. I honestly have no reason to buy any other brand ever again.

Best Sunscreen/moisturizer

I am a ginger who works on and around the water so I am always wearing sunscreen, and I can honestly say that this has been the best sunscreen that I have used. It easily rubs in completely and doesn’t leave any white residual like other mineral sunscreens. I use it every morning and I have noticed my skin feeling and looking healthier. Pores look smaller and and I have had fewer breakouts. I have been using the bottle almost daily for months and it still feels full! I have been recommending it to all of my friends and family. I take this with me everywhere!

Never switching sunscreens again

Ginger Armor is my favorite skincare product. That sentence ends in a period. It means period, and implies no further explanation needed, but since you insist I’ll tell you why!

Ginger Armor is the most thoughtfully formulated sunscreen on the market. It’s lightweight, doesn’t leave any white marks or oily residues on my face, and probably best of all has allowed me to replace certain steps in my skincare routine! I used to take a couple of drops of Argan oil and vitamin E and spread them on my face. Thanks to GA I no longer waste my time doing extra steps or buying extra product (more space in my bathroom!).

I also appreciate that it’s housed in aluminum. More recycling centers are equipped to process aluminum than the plastic bottles most other sunscreens come in. This also allows me to keep a bottle in my car without worrying about the container melting or leaching plastic chemicals into my sunscreen (and then onto my face!). I use it before I leave the house, but keep one in my car to reapply when surfing or hiking, especially for friends who forget to apply.

I also love that it doesn’t contain a fragrance! It has a pleasant nutty scent that dissipates once applied, so it never clashes with my cologne.

Take it from someone who is probably too proud of the fact that most people think he’s still in his twenties because of his skin: Ginger Armor is the be-all end-all of sunscreens, and deservedly so.

Phenomenal Sunscreen That Lasts!

This is THE sunscreen for anyone who frequently finds themselves burnt, or using gigantic tubes of sunblock. Ginger armor packs all the power I need in a small container that you only need a few pumps for to cover your whole body. It smells great, and when you put it on it starts with an initial purple sheen that disappears as it dries so you know you haven’t missed a spot. Do yourself a favor and pick up a can that’ll last you months!

I ain’t even ginger

And I love it! I Fell asleep at the beach and didn’t burn thanks for this impenetrable armor!

Great product with easy spray application + white color helps identify areas where you might have missed. I especially enjoy how lightweight it feels on the skin.

Fantastic Product!

I’ve been looking for a daily sunscreen for a while and Ginger Armor has been perfect. It rubs in very easily and provides long lasting protection. Would highly recommend to friends and family!


I love Ginger Armor's commitment to sustainability in their products. This sunscreen doesn't rely on single-use plastics, opting for recyclable aluminum. It also uses chemicals that are safe for the environment. For consumers who are committed to eco-friendly shopping, there's no better sunscreen/moisturizer than this one. :) #EveryLittleBitCounts

Incredible product

Love this product for so many reasons. Goes well on skin and easy to apply. Bottle lasts forever. And it of course works! Will be buying again and again!

Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

This is the best sunscreen / moisturizer I have used for my face, hands down. I had previously used Neutrogena as part of my daily routine but wasn't the biggest fan of the "sunscreen smell." Not only does ginger armor go on much smoother than the Neutrogena, it also has a pleasant neutral smell that is so much better than any sunscreen I have had with 50+ SPF. For fair complected people like myself, this product is an absolute must have. It's worth every penny.

Best Sunscreen Around!

From the moment I first tried it, I loved it. Knowing it has no harsh chemicals, gives me peace of mind. Bring on summer because I am ready!!

Best Moisturizer with Mineral Sunscreen on the Market

I’ve tried just about every single face product with mineral sunscreen out there, but I’ve never been able to find one that 1) moisturizes, 2) doesn’t make me break out, and 3) rubs in clear. I’m so happy I found Ginger Armor! I wear it every day knowing that my sensitive skin is being moisturized and protected. Also, I love that it’s locally sourced and sustainable from cradle to grave 💚

Great sunscreen for any skin type and any color!

My boyfriend and I both use Ginger Armor to moisturize and protect our skin whenever we leave our house for the day. What's awesome about it is that it works for my skin type and color (oily/brown) as well as my boyfriend's (dry/white).

Glowing Protection!

I love that this natural sunscreen protects your skin and keeps it healthy! It also comes in a sleek, eco-friendly design and leaves you with a moisturized glow!

Great sun protection for everyone!

This works great for face and body sun protection even for darker skin tones. This doesn't leave a white residue like other high-SPF products. I used it on my face and body and it doesn't cause breakouts like other spray sunscreens.

Best sunscreen I’ve ever tried

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it’s amazing! As a ginger it’s hard to find high enough protection without a weird consistency or something that sweats right off. I’ve been using this as a daily moisturizer and for protection while running, rock climbing, and even scuba diving. It rubs in quickly and stays on without running into the eyes or leaving a greasy layer. I would recommend it to anyone as the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried!

The best sunscreen out there

After searching for years for a good, natural, mineral sunscreen with no carcinogens…. I finally found the best thing out there. This sunscreen feels like nothing once you put it on. And you can leave it on all day without feeling it. Plus it’s moisturizing and makes your skin feel great. And application is SOOOOO easy. Plus it lasts forever, such a good deal!

Using sunscreen daily and loving it for the first time in my life! Thank you Ginger Armor! ❤️

Ginger Armor Reef and Face Excellent Sunscreen moisturizer.

Ginger Me has used sunscreen for decades; after a months use in the Sun Ginger Armor is exceptional!
Silky/ultra-light fragrance free and amazingly easy to apply glides on, no sticky blobs of sunscreen it protects and moisturizes.

Highly recommend this product formulation for those who take care of their skin.
Ginger Armor is now my #1 Face Moisturizer UVA/UVB protection daily Essential.