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Best Sunscreen Around!

From the moment I first tried it, I loved it. Knowing it has no harsh chemicals, gives me peace of mind. Bring on summer because I am ready!!

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Ian Nel, PhD Student (Tampa, US)
Best Moisturizer with Mineral Sunscreen on the Market

I’ve tried just about every single face product with mineral sunscreen out there, but I’ve never been able to find one that 1) moisturizes, 2) doesn’t make me break out, and 3) rubs in clear. I’m so happy I found Ginger Armor! I wear it every day knowing that my sensitive skin is being moisturized and protected. Also, I love that it’s locally sourced and sustainable from cradle to grave 💚

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Julian Eljabali (San Francisco, US)
Great sunscreen for any skin type and any color!

My boyfriend and I both use Ginger Armor to moisturize and protect our skin whenever we leave our house for the day. What's awesome about it is that it works for my skin type and color (oily/brown) as well as my boyfriend's (dry/white).

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Bryce Austell, MD (Bolingbrook, US)
Glowing Protection!

I love that this natural sunscreen protects your skin and keeps it healthy! It also comes in a sleek, eco-friendly design and leaves you with a moisturized glow!

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Jared Yuan-Vogel (New York, US)
Great sun protection for everyone!

This works great for face and body sun protection even for darker skin tones. This doesn't leave a white residue like other high-SPF products. I used it on my face and body and it doesn't cause breakouts like other spray sunscreens.

Best sunscreen I’ve ever tried

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and it’s amazing! As a ginger it’s hard to find high enough protection without a weird consistency or something that sweats right off. I’ve been using this as a daily moisturizer and for protection while running, rock climbing, and even scuba diving. It rubs in quickly and stays on without running into the eyes or leaving a greasy layer. I would recommend it to anyone as the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried!

The best sunscreen out there

After searching for years for a good, natural, mineral sunscreen with no carcinogens…. I finally found the best thing out there. This sunscreen feels like nothing once you put it on. And you can leave it on all day without feeling it. Plus it’s moisturizing and makes your skin feel great. And application is SOOOOO easy. Plus it lasts forever, such a good deal!

Using sunscreen daily and loving it for the first time in my life! Thank you Ginger Armor! ❤️

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
James Rogers (San Francisco, US)
Ginger Armor Reef and Face Excellent Sunscreen moisturizer.

Ginger Me has used sunscreen for decades; after a months use in the Sun Ginger Armor is exceptional!
Silky/ultra-light fragrance free and amazingly easy to apply glides on, no sticky blobs of sunscreen it protects and moisturizes.

Highly recommend this product formulation for those who take care of their skin.
Ginger Armor is now my #1 Face Moisturizer UVA/UVB protection daily Essential.

New favorite!

This has become my new daily SPF. It’s so easy to apply and reapply— so much better than a cream! Really stands up against a sunny day & added bonus that it makes my skin look glowy and moisturized all day :-)

My new favorite sunscreen!

With sunscreen chemicals in the news, I’ve been on the lookout for a new brand to use—and this is it! Love the packaging, love the spray, and goes on skin great!

Absolutely fantastic! Easy to apply and immediately absorbs into skin without leaving any marks or looking oily. Completely protected my skin all day with no redness or burns.

I'm glad it works so well for you Art! Thank you for your review.

My new go to

I spend a ton of time outside and as a fair-skinned guy I’ve loved using a sunscreen that feels so high quality. It is extremely effective, but I’m most impressed by how how much better (and clearer) it feels on my skin than some of the other super greasy/chemical-y options out there.

If you have fair skin and like being outside, I highly recommend Ginger Armor. I’m going to be back for another bottle soon.

Thank you for your review Barry! I'm glad it feels so much 'better and clearer on your skin'.

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Melissa Hong (San Francisco, US)
Great mineral sunscreen!

I recently made the switch from chemical sunscreen to mineral sunscreen and I was excited to try out Ginger Armor! I tried it out with 3 other friends this past weekend - we were all super impressed with how easily it rubbed in (given most mineral sunscreens don't) and none of us got burned! I would definitely recommend to others.

Great move switching from chemical to mineral! Thank you for your review and for sharing it with 3 of your friends Melissa!

Great for all over!

I use Ginger Armor for my face and neck mostly, it rubs on thin and feels good and light. It works well all over my body too! The best sunscreen is the one you'll wear, and Ginger Armor is so easy.

Thank you for your review Jackson! I'm glad that you're wearing it all over and it's rubbing in and feeling good and light.

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Walker Boyes (Salt Lake City, US)
The best lightweight sunscreen

Absolutely have loved using this sunscreen the past couple weeks. Super lightweight and quickly absorbs into the skin. I have really sensitive skin and I don't plan on using anything else again!

Thank you for your review Walker! I'm glad it's working for your sensitive skin.

Excellent product! Great coverage, light and non-greasy feeling. Totally would recommend!!!

Thank you for your review Logan! I'm glad you like it and recommend!

Made for Everyone!

Great product that feels super light and rubs in easily!
As someone with sensitive skin, I'm always hesitant to try new products. The ingredient list and information available on the website tells you exactly what you're putting on your skin which gave me peace of mind. Now I am using this regularly to stay moisturized and protected. Bonus points for being eco-conscious.
Highly recommend Ginger Armor!

I'm glad that your sensitive skin likes Ginger Armor and that you're using it regularly. Thank you for your review Amir!

Great Purchase!

I never really cared about sunscreen ingredients until I had my son and started looking at what I was putting on him. The mineral based options are great, but the good ones always feel too thick and have me looking like a ghost no matter how hard I try to rub it in. Ginger Armor is great in that it goes on clear, isn’t so heavy, and most importantly protects me from the sun! It’s expensive but the product lasts and you definitely get what you pay for. It helps that everything is environmentally friendly too. I recommend this product to all of my friends and will definitely be a repeat customer once I finish this bottle.

Thank you for your review Alex! I'm glad that you see the value in mineral sunscreen, enjoy our 'unseen' formula, and understand that this 'product lasts and you definitely get what you pay for.' Thank you for letting your friends know!

Not Just For Gingers!

It goes on easy. It’s good for the planet. Definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something better than the norm. I use this every day!

Thank you Evan! I'm glad you like it and are using it every day!

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Carter Easler (Los Angeles, US)
Finally found SPF I can get behind!

Honestly, I've been looking for years for a product that is high quality and non-toxic that doesn't go on like wall paint. This stuff rubs right in and has kept my skin super healthy even as I've spent much of my summer on the beach. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Thank you for your review Carter and I'm glad you love Ginger Armor!


This product is amazing! Truly a great moisturizer and powerful sunscreen in one. And the best part!? It really does rub in clear no white marks or patches. Will definitely be making this apart of my daily routine :)

I'm so happy you like it and are making it apart of your daily routine Scott!

Good Stuff

I like everything about this product, the fact it seemed to work nicely after spending time in the sun is obviously the key takeaway, as well as the lack of "zene" chemicals. It is oil based but not "oily" and it is unlike most facial skincare products. It smells super organic almost like grassy sunflower oil which was odd but not off putting, just different. It absorbed and dried quickly. I think they are on to something here. I will use it on my face and neck. Nice product!!!!!
Believe the hype!

Thank you for the review JB!

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin
Zach Yarmolovich (Washington, US)
Easily the Best Sunscreen

No smell, no grease or tacky coating, and easy to see where you or a friend applies it before rubbing in clear. Ideal for anyone.

Best ginger shield 🛡 you can ask for.

Thank you for your review Zach!

Best Sunscreen/Moisturizer Ever!!!

This milky liquid is protecting my face from harmful sun rays as I write this sitting on the back patio. I love the feel & the effect of this liquid & knowing that it will not cause me cancer or harm the Earth’s precious reefs increases my enjoyment threefold. 💗💗💗

Thank you for your review Regan!

Safe, clean and long-lasting

Never leave home without your keys, wallet and Ginger Armor!!

Thank you for your review Cory!