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10/10 for this spf for sensitive skin!

I am extremely particular about the ingredients in my skincare. I don’t have words to tell you how excited I was to purchase this eco-conscious brand!! I LOVE that it’s plant-based and that it packs argon oil and squalene in with spf 50 😎 Thank you creating a 2-in-1 moisturizer that doesn’t smell or leave a weird white film on my face! I’m. So. Grateful!! 👩🏻‍🦰

Gives my skin a dewy fresh look!

I can't say enough great things about Ginger Armor! Love how it glides on my skin and leaves it moisturized and protected! If you're on the fence about it - don't be, get some!!!

Gives my skin a dewy fresh look!

I can't say enough great things about Ginger Armor! Love how it glides on my skin and leaves it moisturized and protected! If you're on the fence about it - don't be, get some!!!


I am blown away by the quality and design of this product. I have been using now for a couple of weeks as a daily moisturiser and my skin feels softer, looks clearer and I know I don’t have to worry about sun damage throughout my day. The size of packaging is super convenient - allowing you to take in cabin bags for short-haul destinations. I have a fully booked Summer of holidays and I just know Ginger Armor is going to be by my side for every single one ✌🏼

Never switching sunscreens again

Ginger Armor is my favorite skincare product. That sentence ends in a period. It means period, and implies no further explanation needed, but since you insist I’ll tell you why!

Ginger Armor is the most thoughtfully formulated sunscreen on the market. It’s lightweight, doesn’t leave any white marks or oily residues on my face, and probably best of all has allowed me to replace certain steps in my skincare routine! I used to take a couple of drops of Argan oil and vitamin E and spread them on my face. Thanks to GA I no longer waste my time doing extra steps or buying extra product (more space in my bathroom!).

I also appreciate that it’s housed in aluminum. More recycling centers are equipped to process aluminum than the plastic bottles most other sunscreens come in. This also allows me to keep a bottle in my car without worrying about the container melting or leaching plastic chemicals into my sunscreen (and then onto my face!). I use it before I leave the house, but keep one in my car to reapply when surfing or hiking, especially for friends who forget to apply.

I also love that it doesn’t contain a fragrance! It has a pleasant nutty scent that dissipates once applied, so it never clashes with my cologne.

Take it from someone who is probably too proud of the fact that most people think he’s still in his twenties because of his skin: Ginger Armor is the be-all end-all of sunscreens, and deservedly so.


This product is amazing! Truly a great moisturizer and powerful sunscreen in one. And the best part!? It really does rub in clear no white marks or patches. Will definitely be making this apart of my daily routine :)

I'm so happy you like it and are making it apart of your daily routine Scott!

Great product!

Love how well it absorbs without any greasy sheen. Works great, non irritating even around my very sensitive eyes. I’m delighted to have found such a great sunblock solution!

Not greasy, thick, or sticky!

Love this stuff! It’s so quick to apply and package makes it easy to carry with me.

Amazing Sunscreen

I love this sunscreen. It is so lightweight, and I love the spray bottle it comes it. It makes it so easy to apply and so convenient. Would definitely recommend!!

phenomenal natural sunscreen

This sunscreen comes in a elegant package, rubs in well, and smells great. It was delivered fast and would make a great gift. This has become my go to daily sunscreen.

Perfect mineral sunscreen!

Our whole family actually love this sunscreen! My husband HATES mineral sunscreen and yours is the first he said goes on easy! New favorite!

Love it! Ideal for the entire family

I love the texture of this sunscreen, it is very light weight , not sticky and I can put my make up on right away, it absorbs really fast too. My entire family loved it :).
I also liked the fact that my skin feels soft and hydrated.

Absolutely love this product! Not greasy like other sunscreen that I’ve used

Great for a makeup base

This sunscreen applies sooo smooth. It’s great as a primer under makeup. I am yet to see how this works on my combination skin for summer. It’s great so far in the wunder as my skin gets super dry.

Best Sunscreen hands down!

I’m someone who takes alot of pride on their skin care routine. Everyone knows that no good skin care is complete without sunscreen. I also want to make sure that what I’m using has no harmful chemicals. I absolutely love this sunscreen! it’s mineral sunscreen, no nasty ingredients, and it provides my skin with protection from uvb rays. Love! Love ! Love!!

Sleek & Simple

These are perfect everyday sunglasses for both Men & Women alike!
I love the sleek matte frames. So happy with these.
The fact that they’re made from recycled plastic is an added bonus, love it!
Thank you Ginger Armor!

My new favorite sunscreen!

This sunscreen feels way better than any other sunscreen I’ve ever tried! It’s not stinky, sticky and doesn’t leave my skin feeling like glue like other brands I’ve tried. It also doesn’t leave annoying white marks everywhere. I bought this on a whim and now I’m a fan!

All-around Great Product!

I ordered Ginger Armor after trying it out at an annual street fair in San Diego, and it’s been great! Really effective sunblock that feels good going on - not greasy, but also not alcohol-y, as you sometimes get from other spray-on products. A little really does go a long way in this case, which is nice. I’ll apply it before I put on any makeup, and go from there. It’s got a mild, pleasant scent that dissipates quickly.
My order was processed promptly and the sunblock arrived quickly and well-packaged (love the little pouch that comes with it!).
All-around great product and overall experience; I will definitely order again!

Great sunscreen, container needs improvement

I absolutely love the sunscreen, has a slight smell but itsnt like normal sunscreen, just kinda smells like minerals. Works great and doesn’t leave my skin sticky. However, the lid leaks and so I keep it in the card board box that it came in so it doesn’t leak all over my bag. Instead the card board box absorbs the leakage.

Best sunscreen EVER!!

I am absolutely in love with this sunscreen! There is no scent, no white cast, no breakouts, NOTHING but amazing spf protection. I would recommend this product to everyone it’s that good!!!!

Does not burn your eyes!

As most of us with fair skin have experienced experienced, sunscreen dripping in your eyes is very painful.

Since my first purchase over a month ago, I've not had that issue. Also...I've not had a sunburn.


This is the first mineral sunscreen I have used that does not leave a trace. It dries very quickly and has no white cast like every other mineral sunscreen I have tried. Honestly a beacon of hope for someone who is allergic to chemical sunscreens!

Great Sunscreen

I really like the twist design of the sunscreen and it has a nice neutral scent. I've worked out with it on and it didn't burn my eyes at all. I've never tried a spray face sunscreen before. It truly does go on invisible. I burn super easily so I may be a bit paranoid that I missed some spots with this since I truly can't see it on my skin, but I can also see how some people would really love this feature. So far it has worked very well.

The best, hands down!


Light scented and sprays nicely. Feels good on, goes on light and dries quickly. Does moisturized and protect skin without looking cakey. This plant based, spf 50 sunscreen is a perfect travel essential. Love how glowy makes my skin look!