Arming Your Skin


Ginger Armor should be part of your everyday skincare routine. Just like brushing your teeth, you should be moisturizing and protecting your face every single day to keep it the healthiest it possibly can be.

  1. Dry your skin before applying. Preferably your first application should be before you get dressed and before applying makeup. That way you cover all spots and you won’t get any on your clothes
  2. Shake lightly to mix moisturizer and SPF together
  3. Spray into hands to apply to face 
  4. Place in all key areas. Cover your: *Lips *Eye area *Ears *Nose *Neck (if exposed) and all other exposed skin areas 
  5. Tap and lightly rub in an upward motion from chin to forehead 
  6. Reapply every 1-2 hours if outside, while driving, immediately after swimming, sweating, or toweling. If you’re only inside, Every 4-6 hours in front of blue light (from phone, computer, and device screens) or indirect sunlight. (Our sunscreen wears out when exposed to direct sunlight, so the less time in the sun the longer it lasts) When in doubt, reapply!

Ginger Armor is mineral and plant based, has no added fragrance, is safe for daily use on sensitive skin, is Hypoallergenic, all natural, and a medical grade formula.

“Goes on white... rubs in clear and dries from glossy to matte in about 5 minutes. Weightless feel"


Number of Sprays Guide Based on Body Part & Skin Shade
Body Part Lighter Amid  Darker 
Face, Ears, Neck 2-3 1-2 .5 to 1
Neck 1 .5 to 1 .5 to 1
Hand 1 .5 to 1 .5 to 1
Lips .25 .25 .25


Reapply Ginger Armor:

  • Every 1-2 hours while outside, driving or in direct sunlight
  • Every 4-6 hours if you are inside and only exposed to indirect sunlight.
  • Every 4-6 hours if you're in front of a screen because our sunscreen has Zinc which helps block HEV/blue light 
  • Immediately after swimming & toweling

Think of our mineral sunscreen like gas in a fuel tank:

  • You can add as much as you like and it will protect you for even longer, like carrying a separate gas tank in your car. If you’re going to be in very intense rays I recommend applying every hour, slightly over applying, and seeking out shade whenever possible (typically between the hours of 10am to 4pm, but the UV index will best tell you what the sun exposure is)
  • Also true, if you’re not using it, it will last longer. So if you’re indoors getting minimal UV ray exposure, applying minimally every 4-6 hours or just 1 time per day will protect you if you time it right and are indoors most of the day.