Does Ginger Armor Rub in Clear?

Rubs in clear video


Why SPF 50+?

SPF 30 is the minimum recommended SPF.

But, most people put on about 1/2 the recommended amount of sunscreen.

1/2 the recommended amount of SPF 50+ gets you about SPF 30.

I made sure Ginger armor SPF 50+ because most of us forget to put on as much sunscreen as we're supposed to.

This way if you make a mistake or forget to reapply it’s more forgiving. Ultimately, reapplying based on how much UV radiation you’re exposed to is of the utmost importance.


How long does Ginger Armor last?

Most sunscreens last 2 hours from when you put them on. 

Ginger Armor lasts for 2 hours of sun exposure, NOT just 2 hours from when you put it on.

Assuming you're in the sun for less than 2 hours per day and don't shower or swim it off, 1 application of Ginger Armor is often all you need for the day to be protected and moisturized.


What do your ingredients do, why are they better?

🌱100% Natural Ingredients

Our bottle is full of clinically proven Sunscreen ingredientsnon-comedognenic moisturizers like Argan oil and Squalane, plant based anti-inflammatories like Rosemary Extract?

Why should I use Ginger Armor?

  • To keep you safe from aging, wrinkles, cancer, sun spots and burns. To keep your skin moisturized as well as protected
  • Because Ginger Armor rubs on unseen, it is unscented, and ultra-lightweight. It’s healthy, plant based, reef safe, and safe for your skin

Who is Ginger Armor sunscreen for?

  • You!
  • Any Skin Color
  • Anyone over 6 months old (no sunscreen is suitable for newborns)


What is a concise summary of Ginger Armor? 

  • Invisible Daily Facial SPF 50+ Moisturizer for your sensitive skin.
  • All natural, vegan, plant & mineral based, medical grade, UVA/UVB formula

What makes Ginger Armor better?

4 key morals 

Performance: “The best sunscreen is the 1 you actually use” but some are better for you than others. So if we can get more people to use one that’s actually better (for their health and the planet) then we have done a good thing. People want sunscreen to be: unseen, unscented, ultra lightweight, ant not to sting their eyes, because the eye area is one of the most important places to put sunscreen.

Health: all natural ingredients that do not absorb into your blood (like most sunscreens on the market today ***insert hyperlink to italics words) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-sunscreen-safety/sunscreen-ingredients-really-do-seep-into-the-blood-is-that-bad-idUSKBN1ZK20E

in AND provide full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Plant based ingredients that soothe, moisturize and protect your sensitive skin. 

Value: 1 bottle that will last you 8+months if you use it EVERYDAY that not only has SPF 50+, but also is your moisturizer, lip balm, eye are cream & aftershave. (4 skincare ‘products’ in 1)

Planet Conscious: Reef safe, biodegradable formula, recyclable bottle and packaging

Where should I use Ginger Armor?

  • Almost everywhere. Baseball games. Beach. Car. Errands. Forest. Hike. Lake. Mountains. Office. Running. Snow. Sporting Events. Walking. Weddings. Work. 
  • Because of Ginger Armor’s lightweight formula, it is not ideal for surfing or if you’re doing outdoor water activities

Where should I apply Ginger Armor?

  • Everywhere on your body that is exposed to the sun, except in your eyes.
  • LEENN (Lips, Eye Area*our formula doesn’t burn eyes*, Ears, Nose, & Neck) 
  • Because of Ginger Armor’s plant and mineral based ingredients, it is safe for every part of your skin. It is not for your eyes but will not sting like chemical sunscreens do

How often should I reapply Ginger Armor?

  • Every 1-2 hours in direct sunlight (check the UV index) (10am-4pm typically)
  • Every 4-6 hours in front of blue light (from phone, computer, and device screens)or indirect sunlight. (Our sunscreen wears out when exposed to direct sunlight, so the less time in the sun the longer it lasts)


How long does 1 bottle last?

  • 250 uses for faces that need 3 sprays (750 sprays per bottle)
  • Our recommended amount of sprays for the face area is 3 sprays, so here is an estimated breakdown of each of our products;
    • The twist-open 8ml has approximately 20 uses with 4 sprays for each use
    • The twist-open 10ml has approximately 25 uses with 4 sprays for each use
    • The Large 100ml has 250 uses with 3 sprays for each use

    When does Ginger Armor expire and why does it last so long?

    • Because Ginger Armor is a plant and mineral based formula free of silicone and chemicals, our first batch made in 2021 will last until 5/2024! Every bottle has an expiration date at the bottom

    What does SPF mean?

    • SPF means “sun protection factor” 
    • SPF 30 protects you form 97% of UV rays & SPF 50 protects you form 98% of UV rays 
    • People often apply 1/2 as much sunscreen as they need so if you apply our spf 50+ at 1/2 the recommended amount, it’s close to SPF 30.


    What is the UV index?

    • A ranking from 0-11 showing how intense the UV rays are at a given place and time
    • Check the UV Index tab on our menu or ask Siri/Google, “what’s the UV index”
    • Another easy way to tell how much UV exposure you are getting is to look for your shadow:
      • If your shadow is taller than you are (in the early morning and late afternoon), your UV exposure is likely to be lower.
      • If your shadow is shorter than you are (around midday), you are being exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. Seek shade and protect your skin.
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