Does Ginger Armor Rub in Clear?

Rubs in clear video


Why SPF 50+?

SPF 30 is the minimum recommended SPF.

But, most people put on about 1/2 the recommended amount of sunscreen.

1/2 the recommended amount of SPF 50+ gets you about SPF 30.

I made sure Ginger armor SPF 50+ because most of us forget to put on as much sunscreen as we're supposed to.

This way if you make a mistake or forget to reapply it’s more forgiving. Ultimately, reapplying based on how much UV radiation you’re exposed to is of the utmost importance.


How long does Ginger Armor last?

Most sunscreens last 2 hours from when you put them on. 

Ginger Armor lasts for 2 hours of sun exposure, NOT just 2 hours from when you put it on.

Assuming you're in the sun for less than 2 hours per day and don't shower or swim it off, 1 application of Ginger Armor is often all you need for the day to be protected and moisturized.


What do your ingredients do, why are they better?

🌱100% Natural Ingredients

Our bottle is full of clinically proven Sunscreen ingredientsnon-comedognenic moisturizers like Argan oil and Squalane, plant based anti-inflammatories like Rosemary Extract?

Why should I use Ginger Armor?

  • To keep you safe from aging, wrinkles, cancer, sun spots and burns. To keep your skin moisturized as well as protected
  • Because Ginger Armor rubs on unseen, it is unscented, and ultra-lightweight. It’s healthy, plant based, reef safe, and safe for your skin

Who is Ginger Armor sunscreen for?

  • You!
  • Any Skin Color
  • Anyone over 6 months old (no sunscreen is suitable for newborns)


What is a concise summary of Ginger Armor? 

  • Invisible Daily Facial SPF 50+ Moisturizer for your sensitive skin.
  • All natural, vegan, plant & mineral based, medical grade, UVA/UVB formula

What makes Ginger Armor better?

4 key morals 

Performance: “The best sunscreen is the 1 you actually use” but some are better for you than others. So if we can get more people to use one that’s actually better (for their health and the planet) then we have done a good thing. People want sunscreen to be: unseen, unscented, ultra lightweight, ant not to sting their eyes, because the eye area is one of the most important places to put sunscreen.

Health: all natural ingredients that do not absorb into your blood (like most sunscreens on the market today ***insert hyperlink to italics words) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-sunscreen-safety/sunscreen-ingredients-really-do-seep-into-the-blood-is-that-bad-idUSKBN1ZK20E

in AND provide full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Plant based ingredients that soothe, moisturize and protect your sensitive skin. 

Value: 1 bottle that will last you 8+months if you use it EVERYDAY that not only has SPF 50+, but also is your moisturizer, lip balm, eye are cream & aftershave. (4 skincare ‘products’ in 1)

Planet Conscious: Reef safe, biodegradable formula, recyclable bottle and packaging

Where should I use Ginger Armor?

  • Almost everywhere. Baseball games. Beach. Car. Errands. Forest. Hike. Lake. Mountains. Office. Running. Snow. Sporting Events. Walking. Weddings. Work. 
  • Because of Ginger Armor’s lightweight formula, it is not ideal for surfing or if you’re doing outdoor water activities

Where should I apply Ginger Armor?

  • Everywhere on your body that is exposed to the sun, except in your eyes.
  • LEENN (Lips, Eye Area*our formula doesn’t burn eyes*, Ears, Nose, & Neck) 
  • Because of Ginger Armor’s plant and mineral based ingredients, it is safe for every part of your skin. It is not for your eyes but will not sting like chemical sunscreens do

How often should I reapply Ginger Armor?

  • Every 1-2 hours in direct sunlight (check the UV index) (10am-4pm typically)
  • Every 4-6 hours in front of blue light (from phone, computer, and device screens)or indirect sunlight. (Our sunscreen wears out when exposed to direct sunlight, so the less time in the sun the longer it lasts)


How long does 1 bottle last?

  • 250 uses for faces that need 3 sprays (750 sprays per bottle)
  • Our recommended amount of sprays for the face area is 3 sprays, so here is an estimated breakdown of each of our products;
    • The twist-open 8ml has approximately 20 uses with 4 sprays for each use
    • The twist-open 10ml has approximately 25 uses with 4 sprays for each use
    • The Large 100ml has 250 uses with 3 sprays for each use

    When does Ginger Armor expire and why does it last so long?

    • Because Ginger Armor is a plant and mineral based formula free of silicone and chemicals, our first batch made in 2021 will last until 5/2024! Every bottle has an expiration date at the bottom

    What does SPF mean?

    • SPF means “sun protection factor” 
    • SPF 30 protects you form 97% of UV rays & SPF 50 protects you form 98% of UV rays 
    • People often apply 1/2 as much sunscreen as they need so if you apply our spf 50+ at 1/2 the recommended amount, it’s close to SPF 30.


    What is the UV index?

    • A ranking from 0-11 showing how intense the UV rays are at a given place and time
    • Check the UV Index tab on our menu or ask Siri/Google, “what’s the UV index”
    • Another easy way to tell how much UV exposure you are getting is to look for your shadow:
      • If your shadow is taller than you are (in the early morning and late afternoon), your UV exposure is likely to be lower.
      • If your shadow is shorter than you are (around midday), you are being exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. Seek shade and protect your skin.
    Thank you for reading our F.A.Q.s!
    If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us in the “Contact” tab in the menu
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    love it

    total protection

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    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
    10/10 for this spf for sensitive skin!

    I am extremely particular about the ingredients in my skincare. I don’t have words to tell you how excited I was to purchase this eco-conscious brand!! I LOVE that it’s plant-based and that it packs argon oil and squalene in with spf 50 😎 Thank you creating a 2-in-1 moisturizer that doesn’t smell or leave a weird white film on my face! I’m. So. Grateful!! 👩🏻‍🦰

    wow thank you for the 10/10 rating Ashley! I'm also extremely particular about the ingredients in my skincare and really appreciate your review-the ingredients I chose to use are intentional and I'm really proud that they are good for you and eco-conscious-this was not easy to do while also keeping it not smelly, or leaving a white film on your face. I really appreciate you noticing and saying so. Thank you for your support Ashley!

    Gives my skin a dewy fresh look!

    I can't say enough great things about Ginger Armor! Love how it glides on my skin and leaves it moisturized and protected! If you're on the fence about it - don't be, get some!!!


    I am blown away by the quality and design of this product. I have been using now for a couple of weeks as a daily moisturiser and my skin feels softer, looks clearer and I know I don’t have to worry about sun damage throughout my day. The size of packaging is super convenient - allowing you to take in cabin bags for short-haul destinations. I have a fully booked Summer of holidays and I just know Ginger Armor is going to be by my side for every single one ✌🏼

    Thank you so much for your review Bladon! It means a lot to me! I'm honored that you take ginger armor with you on your travels and really appreciate you sending these great photos and video to show everyone that you love ginger armor!

    Thank you for your review,

    Never switching sunscreens again

    Ginger Armor is my favorite skincare product. That sentence ends in a period. It means period, and implies no further explanation needed, but since you insist I’ll tell you why!

    Ginger Armor is the most thoughtfully formulated sunscreen on the market. It’s lightweight, doesn’t leave any white marks or oily residues on my face, and probably best of all has allowed me to replace certain steps in my skincare routine! I used to take a couple of drops of Argan oil and vitamin E and spread them on my face. Thanks to GA I no longer waste my time doing extra steps or buying extra product (more space in my bathroom!).

    I also appreciate that it’s housed in aluminum. More recycling centers are equipped to process aluminum than the plastic bottles most other sunscreens come in. This also allows me to keep a bottle in my car without worrying about the container melting or leaching plastic chemicals into my sunscreen (and then onto my face!). I use it before I leave the house, but keep one in my car to reapply when surfing or hiking, especially for friends who forget to apply.

    I also love that it doesn’t contain a fragrance! It has a pleasant nutty scent that dissipates once applied, so it never clashes with my cologne.

    Take it from someone who is probably too proud of the fact that most people think he’s still in his twenties because of his skin: Ginger Armor is the be-all end-all of sunscreens, and deservedly so.

    Thank you for your review Ashe! I am so grateful that you love Ginger Armor and appreciate you spreading the word about why you do!


    This product is amazing! Truly a great moisturizer and powerful sunscreen in one. And the best part!? It really does rub in clear no white marks or patches. Will definitely be making this apart of my daily routine :)

    I'm so happy you like it and are making it apart of your daily routine Scott!

    I really liked that this left no white cast and feels like moisturizer. I'm pleased to use a sunscreen that is environmentally friendly. I did notice a slight odor--it doesn't bother me and doesn't smell like a typical sunscreen. Rather, I think I'm smelling the mineral.

    Best sunscreen out there!! If you’ve done your research you know that mineral sunscreen is the only way and this one has been perfected. No nano zinc and no white residue. So actually safe to put on your kids and no complaining about white marks! Truly the only sunscreen you should consider buying!!

    The texture of Ginger Armor is amazing! Goes on super smoothly and disappears right away. It slows down my freckle collection like a dream and leaves my skin feeling great! Not greasy or chalky-looking. This sunscreen is MUCH better than I expected and the packaging is brilliant. Practical and clean. I plan to be a customer for life!

    As good as advertised

    Most sunscreens give me contact dermatitis, so I’m always looking for one that my skin can tolerate, in addition to being reef safe, biodegradable, mineral-based, not over-scented, and blends well into my pale skin. This is the one! I’m very pleased with the results and am thrilled. The price is comparable to big name brands and performs better. And the packaging isn’t plastic! I highly recommend Ginger Armor, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    Great all in one

    I've been looking for a combo product for a while. I need extra sun protection but also a moisturizer bc let's face it, I'm not getting younger lol. This product provides both of these. I am also highly sensitive to anything on my face and this product works great on my sensitive skin. I don't have any flare ups or redness! Love it

    Shockingly great!

    Do I have a collection of sunscreens at home most of whom have betrayed me in some way? Oh yeah! Was I skeptical that this would somehow be different. Yup. Was I pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong? No, I was outright shocked! This stuff is amazing!! I’m a flight paramedic and often get caught outside in the sun for an extended time on occasion. Ginger Armor is quick and easy to put on. It doesn’t run or sting your eyes when you sweat. Doesn’t feel gross. Multiple subsequent applications even feel like they’re barely there but still provide great coverage. I’m literally throwing all my other sunscreens away. My ONLY complaint is that I’ve noticed a little leaking / pooling around the pump, but it’s not excessive and I can usually just wipe it up with my finger and put it somewhere on my face for extra protection. Getting my second bottle so I don’t run out!

    Amazing stuff

    Seriously love this stuff. Ginger airline pilot from TX. And I wear this religiously. Only bad is it says only two hours of direct sunlight? Most of the mineral stuff I use says 4 hours.

    Great Sunscreen

    I’ve used a lot of sunscreen working outside as a horse trainer. I’ve always liked mineral sunscreens for lasting longer and being more effective than chemical, plus like not having it in my bloodstream… but I have always hated the feeling of “painting it on” because of how thick mineral based sunscreens can be. Or how they made me look like a ghost. I was thrilled to see how light and sheer Ginger armor really is. It’s pleasant to put on and I can use it anytime, not just when I don’t care about my looks. I also loved the eco-friendly packaging. Very impressed!

    A new fav thing

    This is a huge suprise. Excellent at both moisture and sunscreen. I have used it daily and am beyond impressed. The spray bottle could use a bit of work, but that is a tiny complaint.

    Squint Stoppers
    Tris Brown (Roseville, US)
    They fit & work great !!!

    They don’t look bad either. Unbelievably lightweight.

    Thank you for your review Tris! I'm so happy that you like them!

    Customer service

    There was an minor issue with my delivery. Skyler promptly responded to my email and resolved the issue immediately. It's the first time I have had customer service so honest and reliable what a pleasure in today's busy world where nobody takes the time to communicate. Thank you Skyler

    You're welcome Carlene! Thank you for letting me know and I'm so happy we got everything resolved!

    Not good

    Leave a white cast 👎

    Hello Bindia, did you make sure to use Ginger Armor after you dried off? If you apply it to dry skin it will rub in clear within 1 minute. Would you please be sure to check out our 'how to use' video and/or reach out to me at Sky@GingerArmor.com if you have any questions or want any 1/1 tips? Thanks!

    Great sunscreen!

    It's moisturizing and watery and I love it!

    Thank you so much Joy! I'm glad you love it! :)

    Squint Stoppers
    Marla King (Long Beach, US)
    So comfortable

    These glasses are stylish and comfy

    I'm glad you like the sunglasses Marla!

    The Greatest!

    We both have very fair and sensitive skin so Ginger Armor is a God-send for us. We have tried for years to find a sunscreen that did not contain chemicals and would protect us without costing us our life savings. You have given us that in Ginger Armor and more. The dry feel and moisturizing effects on my face and all my limbs is the greatest! As Arizona is very dry most of the year, I see us using Ginger 12 months of the year. Thanks for inventing something for us, the ghost white, burn and peel people who love the sun,but up until now have avoided the sun. Thank you for sharing with all us almost gingers who need protection too, and thanks to David Pakman for telling us about Ginger Armour!

    Ellen-I'm so happy that Ginger Armor is keeping you safe and moisturized in Arizona and am honored that you're using it year round! It makes me so happy that you're getting outside and using Ginger Armor. I like the term you made up 'Almost Gingers' and agree, everyone needs protection-Ginger or not. Thank you David Pakman for telling people about Ginger Armor!


    This is the best sunscreen I’ve used!
    The scent of the almond oil is fairly strong and not my personal favorite, otherwise this sunscreen is practically perfect and great for sensitive skin!

    I'm really happy that this works great for your sensitive skin!

    This is a great product!

    I keep some in my car so I can open the sunroof and not burn; I keep some in my purse in case I spend extended time in the sun; I combine it with my moisturizer, adding fantastic SPF to my daily routine. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly. I love that there isn't any residue and it has no odor.

    Very smart to keep some in your car-I leave a bottle in my bathroom, car, gym bag, and hiking/camping gear so that I'm always ready. So happy to hear that you love how it absorbs quickly and doesn't have any residue or odor-this makes it so you'll actually wear it right?
    Thank you so much for your review!

    Love it

    It has nice subtle scent and goes on smooth and evenly. Love it for every day use.

    Thank you for your review Crystal! I'm honored you used it every day!

    Easy to apply, non-drying, non-irritating

    I am enjoying the Ginger Armor moisturizer & sunscreen. I like that the ingredients are safe and do not aggravate my sensitive, acne-prone skin. As a liquid, it is very easy to apply to the face and neck, and it does not dry out my skin (which is a problem I've experienced with nearly all the mineral sunscreens I've tried). The only trouble with it is that it leaves your skin quite visibly shiny for 1-2 hours before sinking in. It is also not very easy to get the white cast to disappear, although it does go away (almost entirely) if you rub it, wait, and rub some more. Overall, I am quite pleased. It would be great if the company produced a tinted version!

    Thank you for your review Brook! I'm so happy to hear that Ginger Armor doesn't aggravate your sensitive, acne-prone skin. Thank you for appreciating that it's liquid and that makes it so easy to apply (this is one of my favorite parts about it) It's also moisturizing like you said and I experienced the same issue with mineral sunscreens. To reduce any shine I've found that drying my face off completely really helps reduce the shine/glow. Also, we are working on a tinted version! I'm glad you mentioned that and genuinely appreciate your feedback and review. Thank you!