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What makes Ginger Armor HEALTHY for your skin?


It’s a 100% Mineral sunscreen formula, using Zinc (Non-Nano) & Titanium Dioxide only. These are the only 2 sunscreen ingredients Generally Regarded as Safe and Effective by the FDA.



💦 Moisturizing

🪶 Hypoallergenic

📅 Made for daily use 

👶🏻 For skin 6 months and older 

😁 Made for face & sensitive skin

🔟 Antioxidants & anti-inflammatories

🌱 All natural, plant & mineral formula 

🛡 Aluminum bottle for best protection

☀️ UVA/UVB/broad spectrum SPF 50+

👩‍💻 Blue light protection (phone & screens)


❌ Plastic bottles (phthalates)

❌ Nano zinc that ends up in your bloodstream   

❌ Cheap chemicals that end up in your 

      bloodstream & disrupt your hormones 



-Benjamin Franklin


Blog Post by Skyler Brady:

90% of your Wrinkles, fine lines, and leathery skin is a choice…

QUIT blaming father time START wearing Ginger Armor and choose to BLOCK 90% of skin damage!

Skin aging is inevitable but Excess Visible skin damage AKA: Wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, leathery, dried out, old, lizard, tired, aged, worn down, neglected, ‘the sun won’, etc. are not caused by father time… 

“90% of visible changes to the skin is a direct result of sun damage!”


Oh I don't need sunscreen... Insert irrational reasoning here...I hate to break it to you but 

1: the ozone layer isn't what it used to be And we have pumped more chemicals into our environment than all of our ancestors did combined. 

2: We are living longer (more time for skin damage to occur) AND 

3: We are using screens (smartphones, laptops, etc.) which emit HEV/‘blue light’ (400-490nm) which has been     proven to ‘age skin more rapidly…even for exposures as short as 1 hour” 


4: UVA damage occurs beneath the visible layers of your skin, and not as visible burn like UVB damage, so you're getting UVA damage even when you don't see or feel a burning sensation.... want proof? Here's a picture of a trucker in the USA who didn't wear sunscreen while driving... Many windows block out lots of UVB rays but not much of UVA, alas... this is what happens when you think "I don't need sunscreen":

No we cannot stop skin aging, but we can reduce it by as much as 90%!

Armor up my friends, 

-Skyler Brady, Ginger Armor Creator