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What to avoid & Why

What to avoid in your Sunscreen/Moisturizer & Why:


  • Endocrine system disruption
  • Toxic to coral reefs


  • Accumulates in your bloodstream 
  • Endocrine system disruption


  • Only offers about 30 minutes of protection


  • Accumulates in our bodies faster than we can get rid of it, toxic
  • Disrupts estrogen, androgen and progesterone levels.


  • Degrades when it is exposed to sunlight
  • Unknown long term issues


  • Accumulates in aquatic life causing DNA damage
  • Increases production of free radicals when exposed to UV light 


  • Endocrine disruptor: mimics estrogen & disrupts thyroid function
  • Increases production of free radicals when exposed to UV light 


  • Linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage


  • ‘Fragrance’ can mean over 1,500 different chemicals
  • Cancer, nervous system disorders, allergies, and birth defects are some of the concerns linked to artificial fragrance

Vitamin A (in the Form of Retinyl Palmitate)

  • Creates free radicals that may cause genetic mutations 
  • Use by pregnant woman may be toxic to the developing fetus
  • Linked to brain swelling, cellular changes, & organ toxicity
  • May be involved in cardiovascular disease


  • Estrogen disruptors. 
  • Associated with infertility, abnormal testes, obesity, asthma, benign tumors in uterus or digestive tract, & breast cancer


  • Dry out skin
  • Blocks other ingredients from entering the skin
  • Bad for the environment/takes a long time to break down


  • Dry out skin


  • Absorb into body where they can cause harm


  • Comes from crude oil
  • Often contaminated with toxic chemicals called PAHs


  • Derived from petroleum
  • Does not absorb into the skin


  • May lead to an allergic reaction

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