Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen That's Good For You & The Planet

Ginger Armor is your all natural daily sunscreen, moisturizer & lip balm combo that goes on ultra lightweight, unseen, and unscented on all skin types for powerful SPF 50+ protection that won’t harm you or the planet.

  • SPF 50+
    Protect yourself from a full spectrum of harmful UV rays

    8+ Month Supply
    Concentrated daily-use formula last longer than store-bought brands

    Vegan + Animal Cruelty Free
    Protect yourself from a full spectrum of harmful UV rays

    Sensitive Skin
    Protects eyes, ears, and nose without stinging or irritating

  • Ginger Armor bottle
  • Invisible & Lightweight
    Sits on top of skin but doesn’t show, smell, or feel sticky to the touch

    All Natural Ingredients
    An ingredient list you will understand and won’t have to Google

    Sustainable Packaging
    Aluminum sprayers, seaweed ink printing, 100% recyclable mailer

    Made in California
    Locally-sourced ingredients, created in small-batches in an FDA facility

Healthier Planet

Certified 100% Reef Safe, there are no harmful chemicals in Ginger Armor that negatively impact our oceans and reefs.

Our Commitment to the Planet

Healthier Ingredients

Everything used to create Ginger Armor is all natural, vegan, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. Just check the back of the bottle - they are ingredients you'll actually recognize.

What's Inside The Bottle
  • Your Daily Skin Care Routine

    If you didn’t already know, the sun’s rays are attacking our skin every single day, and our planet is bombarded with pollutants. As Millennials and GenZs, we have to take on the responsibility to take care of ourselves, our planet, and our community. Luckily, many of us are already taking the right steps.

    Just like brushing your teeth every day (but not wasting water), there are everyday habits we can adopt that will keep ourselves healthy, while not negatively impacting the planet.

    Daily sunscreen use is an essential way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. And an all natural formula that is 100% reef safe in 100% recyclable packaging is an easy add-on to your daily routine to protect yourself while not harming the planet.