Do you really need to wear sunscreen year round?

Do you really need to wear sunscreen year round?

If the UV index is above a 3 yes, otherwise, no. 

What is the UV index? 

short answer:

it's what tells you how much radiation is reaching your skin from the sun at a given time and location. It's based on factors like elevation, ozone layer density wherever you are, and where the sun is in relation to the Earth.

How do I read the UV index?

short answer:

0-2 UV index rating, you don’t need sunscreen unless you’ll be in the sun 4+ hours

3+ UV index rating, you need sunscreen

Where Can I find the UV index?


1 It will be on your ‘weather app’

2 ‘hey Siri’ or ‘hey Google’ “what’s the UV index?”

3 Go to and type in ‘UV index’ for direct link 


An easy way to tell how much you be exposure you are getting is to look at your shadow 

If your shadow is taller than you (before 10am, after 4pm), your UV exposure is likely to be lower. 

If your shadow is shorter than you (10am to 4pm) you are likely being exposed to higher levels of UV radiation.

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