Be Healthy and Look Good,  Sunscreen Edition, By: Skyler Brady

Be Healthy and Look Good, Sunscreen Edition, By: Skyler Brady

Be Healthy and Look Good

This has been our choice for years when it comes to sunscreen:

Option 1: Be healthy and look like a clown…


Option 2: Put chemicals in your blood but look good

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could choose healthy AND look good

Healthy sunscreen definition:

  1. 100% non-nano Mineral ingredients that do NOT go into your bloodstream
  2. Made safe for your face & sensitive skin everyday
              A. tested hypoallergenic
              B. safe for babies
              C. non-comedogenic formula

    Looking good wearing sunscreen definition:

    1. Unseen-no white tint or orange tint or any color seen after you rub it in
    2. Ultralight-weight: no heavy, sticky, greasy, or noticeable feeling of it on your face
    3. No smell-maybe not technically directly affecting your looks, but it affects how you smell (like synthetic bananas) and that will affect how people see you. 

    After trying many options I found that usually the healthy 100% mineral sunscreens look white, feel heavy or are tinted and stain. 

    The chemical ones may be doing more harm than good if you wear them everyday like you’re supposed to. 

    So you’re stuck to choosing between looking like Ronald McDonald or poisoning your blood with sunscreen… isn’t sunscreen supposed to protect you from harm? 

    Why is it going into my blood?

    What does it do when it gets there?

    Again, why is it going into my blood?

    What is the advantage of this? 

    It’s sunscreen, not bloodscreen. 

    While we don’t know for sure if chemical sunscreens cause harm in our blood, we do know that they absorb there within 2 hours of applying (that’s why they only last for 2 hours-after that they’re in your blood, past your skin-so they can’t help anymore) and they stay there for 1-3 weeks after a single application!

    “The latest study found chemicals from sunscreen can soak into the blood even after a single application, and remain in the body at levels above the FDA threshold for safety tests for more than two weeks, Adamson says.”

    I made Ginger Armor so you can be HEALTHY and LOOK GOOD because if we can have both then why not!?

    Get yourself some healthy and look good sunscreen today! 



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    Skyler Brady,

    a Ginger who loves the sun AND looking good!

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