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LEENN with it

Lips, Eye Area, Ears, Nose, Neck
  • In addition to the rest of your face, these areas are prime targets for skin damage, remember (LEENN) and remember to reapply SPF to these areas every 1-2 hours if outside and 1x per day should be fine if you're indoors most of the day. 
    • I made this spray guide to give you a general idea of how much sunscreen you need to protect yourself. If the UV index is above a 4, please apply early and often. You cannot have too much sunscreen on as far as your health is concerned.
    • Make sure to dry your skin before applying
  • Most people under apply sunscreen, putting on half of recommended amount means half of the protection. That's why we made Ginger Armor SPF 50+, because even if you put on half as much you're still getting a very high SPF--but we recommend applying the correct amount and even more if the UV index is above 5.

    That's also why we made it safe for daily use for sensitive skin so you can get in the habit of protecting and moisturizing your skin.