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Face Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Ginger Armor

Market Street

San Diego, Ca 92101 

707.654G-INGER (4-4643)



2 in 1 Daily SPF 50+ Facial moisturizer, healthy & eco-friendly. Rubs in clear, ultra light feel, and no fragrance added. Less than .25¢per use! Small, Ginger owned business. Made in Sunny California. 


Functionality / Ease of Use

MARCH 2021 - United States & Mexico

Rubs in clear, scent-free, lightweight formula, which means: 

  • No whitecast or shine on your face
  • No added fragrance
  • No feel of greasiness or heaviness on your skin

Health / Medical Grade Formula

MARCH 2021 - United States & Mexico

  • 100% Mineral sunscreen (no chemicals will enter your bloodstream like in many other sunscreens)
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Moisturizers: Squalane, Argan, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Olive, & Safflower oil
  • Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory: Rosemary Extract, Bisabolo, Rice Bran Extract, Vitamin E, Karanja oil

Value / .25¢per use

MARCH 2021 - United States & Mexico

  • 750+ sprays per bottle, 2-3 sprays cover the face
  • 250 to 375 sunscreen and moisturizing face uses per bottle 
  • .08¢ cents per spray! (.16¢ to 24¢ per use) 

Earth Friendly / 100% natural formula

MARCH 2021 - United States & Mexico

  • No known coral reef harming ingredients
  • Ethically sourced Squalane
  • Animal cruelty-free.
  • 100% recyclable bottle & shipping mailer 
  • Eco-friendly dye 
  • 1% of all income goes towards helping the environment via ‘1% for the planet’ organization


FDA / Clinically Proven Formula

MARCH 2021 - United States 

Our all natural formula is clinically proven. Passing the stability test, micro test, product and packaging test, and registration as an over the counter drug. 


MARCH 2021 - United States

Repeat Insult Patch Test completed to verify it is safe for sensitive skin and to establish our product as hypoallergenic.