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Ginger Armor

Sunscreen & Moisturizer Spray for sensitive skin

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Top 5 reasons Ginger Armor is your best face sunscreen & moisturizer option:

  1. Safe & Healthy, Invisible & Lightweight on your skin!
    With most all other sunscreens you have one or the other. Ginger Armor goes on light and clear.
  2. 8+ months once-daily supply of concentrated formula in every bottle!
    The typical drugstore brand lasts about a 1 month because it's diluted. You'd need 8 bottle to get the same number of uses, so double the price for a lower-quality product.
  3. Aluminum bottle!
    We've got a big issue with single-use plastics in products, so we don't use them.
  4. Small batch production in an FDA registered facility in California!
    Ginger Armor is made locally with locally-sourced products to maintain quality.
  5. SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum + HEV blue light protection
    UVA rays age you, UVB rays burn you, and HEV blue light is emitted from your phone

Facts About Ginger Armor

  • Made for daily use on your face & sensitive skin
  • SPF 50+ UVA/UVB (Broad-spectrum) & HEV blue light protection
  • 750 sprays/bottle (1-3 protects & moisturizes your face)
  • 3.4 fl. oz. travel friendly aluminum spray container
  • 3 in 1 Face Moisturizer, Sunscreen SPF 50+, & Lip Balm Spray
  • Made in the Southern California
  • 100% Reef safe
  • Plant & mineral formula with NO mysterious/dangerous chemicals, synthetics, or added fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Matthew Carey (Sydney, AU)
Best Sunscreen Around!

From the moment I first tried it, I loved it. Knowing it has no harsh chemicals, gives me peace of mind. Bring on summer because I am ready!!

Ian Nel, PhD Student (Tampa, US)
Best Moisturizer with Mineral Sunscreen on the Market

I’ve tried just about every single face product with mineral sunscreen out there, but I’ve never been able to find one that 1) moisturizes, 2) doesn’t make me break out, and 3) rubs in clear. I’m so happy I found Ginger Armor! I wear it every day knowing that my sensitive skin is being moisturized and protected. Also, I love that it’s locally sourced and sustainable from cradle to grave 💚

Julian Eljabali (San Francisco, US)
Great sunscreen for any skin type and any color!

My boyfriend and I both use Ginger Armor to moisturize and protect our skin whenever we leave our house for the day. What's awesome about it is that it works for my skin type and color (oily/brown) as well as my boyfriend's (dry/white).

Bryce Austell, MD (Bolingbrook, US)
Glowing Protection!

I love that this natural sunscreen protects your skin and keeps it healthy! It also comes in a sleek, eco-friendly design and leaves you with a moisturized glow!

Jared Yuan-Vogel (New York, US)
Great sun protection for everyone!

This works great for face and body sun protection even for darker skin tones. This doesn't leave a white residue like other high-SPF products. I used it on my face and body and it doesn't cause breakouts like other spray sunscreens.